Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dainik Jargon - the post mid term edition

I don’t know what I expected to achieve 3 weeks into b-school. Well, half of marketing is over, and I don’t feel like even half a marketer. Ditto for other subjects. The faculty is top notch – perhaps the best in the world in their respective fields (yes you can say that at ISB).

However, this makes me feel more miserable than glad. I mean when even the best can’t get through your thick skull…

So I did what I do whenever deadly assignments and surprise quizzes loom on the horizon
–  open my laptop and waste time on the internet. This time writing inane articles on my b-school journey.

There are many aspects of campus life that are not included below. If you feel any aspect important to your experience at ISB has been left out –please send in your requests in the comments below. Our non-existent teams of poorly motivated, sleep deprived and over caffeinated writers will try to convince you otherwise.

Neat Observations and Paeans galore

1. Everyone has a past – or a present, but rarely a future

The trouble with any post grad course is that the junta that arrives is no longer the dewy eyed innocent livestock that enters an undergrad college. After having burnt their fingers on long distance, short distance and no distance relationships,
they are reluctant to ruin their b school experience with the same mistakes.

Moreover, some fellow students have their families living on campus – giving a warm, fuzzy paarivarik feel to the premises. Not at all conducive to illicit campus romances.

2. Etiquette and Dressi-quette 

During my bachelor’s degree – for class I dressed like a daily wage laborer going to collect his NREGA allowance. Worse, this habit persisted for a few years at office too, till HR put its foot down and told me to bathe or be unemployed. 

I was shocked to see people in the campus arriving so well dressed to class that they could put on a blazer  and be ready for their consulting interview. Like all good things around me that motivate me in the opposite direction – I quit wearing jeans and started wearing shorts to class.

Also, everyone is super polite. Not that they don’t hate each-other. They do;  they are merely honing the art of passive aggressive disapproval they will eventually unleash on their hapless subordinates after ISB.  

and finally

3. Thank god for housekeeping 

“There are over a hundred house-elves at Hogwarts, the largest number in any dwelling in Britain. They lay the fires, do the laundry, light the lamps…” – Nearly Headless Nick

There is a similar magical species at the Mohali campus – albeit taller, more robust, more tenacious and hardworking – the men and women of the campus housekeeping. It is such a relief to come back from class and find your bed neatly made, your floors squeaky clean, and the mess you made in the living room gone. Without them your quad-mate who sheds hair like a werewolf and leaves cigarette butts on the floor would be insufferable. God bless the housekeeping team. 

to be continued...

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