Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Denim - Jourdain 1

Author's note

Nothing shows progress over time like the fabric we use to cover our bums. Dhotis to pajamas, pajamas to trousers, trousers to jeans. There's is a lot of visible change. Is it change? Is it tokenism or transformation?
Whatever it is, it is the inside that counts.   

“This is OK. But it’s no fucking Starbucks. What it needs is a jukebox and probably a prettier crowd. No forget it, it can never be Starbucks.”

“Come on dude, that’s not fair. I mean look at the place. It has everything. Cold coffee, hot coffee,
pastry, sandwiches. Everything an American joint would have on offer. Yes, it doesn’t have the jukebox. But nobody fucking wants it anyways.”

“Abbey, it’s not the same. In Paris they have these outdoor coffee shops they call bistros. They are so cute man, they are so cute. They serve pastries and espresso coffee. Man, they are so awesome.”

“Anyways, cheese burst is back at Domino's. Thank god, I hated that orange shit they started putting in their pizzas. I hated that creamie thing. It was goddamn awful.”

“It’s not called creamie, you moron. It’s ‘crème’. It’s a French word. Show some goddamn class man. I want all my friends to be awesome.” (His phone rings) "Excuse me man."

“Ha papa.”
“Baahar ho kya?”

“Ha. Kuch dosto ke saath”

“Wo ladki bhi hai kya saath mein?”

“Nahi papa.”

“Hmm. Is weekend ghar aa jaana. Zaroori kaam hai.”

“Kyu kya hua?”

“Sunday ko Vasant Vihar jaana hai ladki dekhne. Ek family hai waha. Denim garments ka business karte hai.”


“Dekho beta, tumne bahut maze kar liye. Ab settle hone ka time aa gaya hai.”

“Jee papa”


  1. Nice Story.Good .

  2. toh samajh hi nahi aayi...sar k upar se paar................. :/

  3. awwkk......ab aaaya samajh.......baba re.......bahut mast hai........ :) :)

  4. "Show some goddam class man." I was just wondering - this is not inspired by the last conversation we had at R, is it? ;)

  5. Tried reading it twice, but still couldnt figure out the character of that boy .. is he a hypocrite by being so ostentatious in front of his friends and then a meek obsequious son in front of his father .. Does the "changes in style of jeans" refer to the changes in behaviour ? Lots of questions arising .. Sorry may be the story was too classy to strike my pea sized brain :D :D .. Nice Attempt dude ..

  6. @Rakshit: You've hit the nail on the head, then say you didn't understand it. That is being too humble.

  7. hmm...good...m curious about something though....
    but let it be...why spoil the essence of the blog :P