Sunday, August 11, 2013


The boy on TV looked so happy
With his big chocolate and bigger grin
Papa, why won’t you buy it for me?
It will make me happy too.

Or the latest video game
With fake villains and real fun
And the big screen TV
Just to go with it.

Why oh why, don’t you buy
That shiny car with the famous hood
I’ve heard from friends, and it’s true
Doubling the wheels, doubles the joy

Beta, there’s a saying in Hindi
That goes in English too
You should never stretch more
Than the size of your blanket

Why don’t you solve
Some Maths to pass the time
and pass the test on the side.
That will be a big bonus

Important men have skills
To do sums in their sleep
And count to pi with their toes
Beta, I want you to be big
And a man,
A big man.

Papa, let me remind you
Some words about a magic blanket
That shrinks for my needs
And stretches for your dreams


...that’s the difference between greed and ambition. 

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