Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Human

Author's Note: I vouch for how we live. But what annoys me is the guilt.

It already may be too late. It soon may be the twilight of the human race. No species can or deserves to live so off-balance and in conflict with his environment, leeching of natural resources and spitting out waste at a ferocious pace. Man was never in harmony with nature. The mythical ‘historical’ man lived off the land and caused only so much damage because that’s what he was capable of. No TV to pollute his mind and no cars to pollute the air. Why won’t the rivers be sparkly and the air fresh and clean?

But there is no question of guilt. There shouldn’t be. That’s the price of the ‘human’ existence. An existence free from disease, hunger and want of any kind. An ‘everybody should have one’ existence. Food for everyone, water for everyone, laptops for everyone. Not so fast, It’s not possible. You guys work out the math, I just know. Divide fossil fuel availability by fuel required to power cars for everybody.  Or the amount of electricity generation required to light up every household on the planet.  Factor in corruption- both government and corporate, and spiritual greed (that’s another name for religion) and you have a double digit percent wastage to take care of as well.

That doesn’t mean we stop striving for a ‘better tomorrow.’ Thus the price of human existence. We have to warm our homes by burning them slowly. Without this warmth the human existence ceases – we don’t die, but we cease to live. 


  1. @Piyush:Someone can be human and pragmatic ,both at the same time. I really can't believe it ,yaar.Mind it ,this is a compliment. Nice one yaar:)

  2. we don’t die, but we cease to live *applause*
    too short for my liking though.... :/